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Frequently asked questions

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How does lxi.ai organize itself?
When you click "add" in the browser extension, lxi's machine learning picks out relevant keywords from the text on the web page. lxi then compares these keywords with the keywords of other web pages you've added to your library.
Where do the recommendations come from?
All recommended/most similar bookmarks come from the bookmarks you've added in the past. You won't see a single link that you didn't add yourself.
How is lxi.ai different than Pocket or Raindrop?
Apps like Pocket and Raindrop do a really good job at turning your bookmarks into a consumable feed/organized folders. Meanwhile, lxi.ai automatically turns your bookmarks into a personal knowledge base. lxi isn't just a place to consume more information, instead, its the place to form connections and turn information into knowledge!
What kind of links should I add to my library?
Practically, the keyword extraction words better on websites like blog posts, news articles, Wikipedia, etc. rather than the home page of something like twitter which is always changing.

Take this example, when I browse hacker news I have all this information in front of me. I may notice an article that would help me learn about a topic I'm interested in. By adding that article into lxi all the other similar articles I've seen before will be connected to it. So, when I log into lxi I'm not just rediscovering one article I'm rediscovering the whole area of information around said article - which is one step closer to it being active knowledge in your head!
How do I connect the browser extension to my account?
Once you log in on this website the extension will automatically recognize your account!
How is lxi pronounced?
Like the name "lexi" or "lexy".

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